Jesse Steele

Today's news, yesterday.™

I'm an American writer in Asia who wears many hats.

I learned piano as a kid, studied Bible in college, and currently do podcasting, web contenting, cloud control, and brand design. I like golf, water, speed, music, kung fu, art, and stories.

JS PodcastThe Podcast

Every week, Jesse rants about brands, politics, people, and whatever bee got up his shirt. Listen to The Podcast Weekly in iTunes, Stitcher, or get more info at the podcast homepage.


Jesse writes on anything from Sunday morning changes to politics to novels, short stories, theology, innovation... Who knows what he'll come up with next. Browse his ebooks here.

From Asia with Love

From Asia with Love

Letters from an American in Asia. $3/month, 3 letters per week.

Pacific Daily Times

Jesse is Editor in Chief of Pacific Daily Times, helping people know each other from the Asias to the Americas. He writes his weekly column as well as the "Symphony" editorials.


poetry Is CODE™

Jesse' brand strategy takes the unique perspective of a "master craftsman". He only works with a few like-minded brand owners. It's beyond marketing. It's poetry, the human code.

Jesse empowers students, leaders, and entrepreneurs through his coding projects at—software tools and videos. 安裝Ubuntu,教視頻,計算機,磁盤設定,教視頻。 Get inking.

52 Bible

52 Bible

52 Bible stories. Daily and weekly doses of Bible with easy reading, understandable outlines. A great way to learn the stories and people of the Bible.

Watch Stand Pray

Watch. Stand. Pray.

Motivational messages for Christians who worship Jesus with the work of their hands and praise him with the prayers of their feet.


Write until you're pink. The current phase is, helping English students with broad overviews of topics, and printable handwriting practice sheets.