Jesse Steele

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JS PodcastThe Podcast

Every week, Jesse rants about brands, politics, people, and whatever bee got up his shirt. Listen to The Podcast Weekly in iTunes, Stitcher, or get more info at the podcast homepage.


Jesse writes on anything from Sunday morning changes to politics to novels, short stories, theology, innovation... Who knows what he'll come up with next. Browse his ebooks here.


Syndication, ghostwriting, weekly columns, copywriting, editing... He writes his weekly column as well as the "Symphony" editorials at Pacific Daily Times. Both have podcasts.

Pacific Daily Times

Jesse is the Editor in Chief of Pacific Daily Times. Know each other.

Learn about Ubuntu at complete with tools and instruction videos in Mandarin. 安裝Ubuntu,教視頻,計算機,

The DenialistThe Denialist

A weekly cartoon critiquing our times, The Denialit is Jesse's outlet of subtle, goofy, and often elusive humor.

IdeasGet in his head

Jesse is approachable and reads his mail. Get connected with videos, ebooks, podcasts, columns, email, and social media.

Ink Is A VerbInk Is A Verb™

Jesse empowers people to "get inking" with his own hosting service that uses open source tools, for hosting, email, contacts, calendar, website, online sales, media, cloud sync-storage, and more.

BrandsBrand Management

Jesse works with a few like-minded brand owners, paving the way for a newer, yet renaissance, business strategy of gurus and master craftsmen, incorporating web tools, strategy, design, and media presence.