Nov 062012

Popular vote isn’t the only thing that matters. The US is a republic and every State should be given a little extra consideration as a whole. The electoral vote system kept Bush in, it reinstated Obama, and that system was good both times.

I was surprised at the election results, as were all of us. Win by almost three million votes? Obama’s one amazing candidate. Everything was stacked against him, including half-empty old-school-style rallies—which don’t seem to affect the younger “Twitter” generation that substantiates his base. Election pre-polling analysis been forever changed.

What’s this mean for Obamacare? The last seven elections have pushed toward this, including the Supreme Court ruling, decided by Bush’s judge. Even after the defeat of Hillarycare in the 90′s, the last twelve years of elections, arguably, gave us what we wanted. If Conservatives didn’t want Obamacare, they shouldn’t have been single-issue voters and chosen a better Republican in 2000.  Obamacare is a done deal. We asked for it. Accept it and move on… We never know what the future holds.

For the Conservative base, it’s mostly older generations that vote GOP. Their kids go for Obama. Should they have done more parenting and less demanding? The same could be said of the Builders generation, which gave us the Boomer-Hippies. Of course, the Hippies all vanished when it came time to actually earn a living. Not knowing how to accomplish anything real, because their parents always barked and never taught, Hippies became professors and taught America’s business leaders today—bye bye economy. So, the job situation isn’t Obama’s fault, it’s the Builders’ fault. Perhaps older Christians should have chosen their clergy more wisely when it came to raising kids—or, Biblically, no clergy at all. But that’s a faith and family question. I’ll be blogging about that at

For the Tea Party, Conservatives have always gotten stronger in tough times. This election is likely to energize the Tea Party even more. It won’t be going away.

For Congress, don’t worry, the old hat Republicrats will hang on to their precious leadership seats in the House. Gridlock: the way things oughtta’ be. Keep the government stumbling over it’s own “three” feet so the rest of us can live out lives. Limbaugh was right: GOP want to keep their seats. Congratulations to my Congressman, Dave Camp, Chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means. I always liked that guy and he plays well with others, even as a true Conservative.

For the Christians, 2012 means that the president will pray to Jesus. For the Muslims, it means that the Christian in the White House will continue to reach out to them.

For Change… that affects everyone, even the pundits. The nation just elected a Republican Congress, yet also Obama—a different kind of Democrat. Politics as usual is over. The Senate remained unchanged. Few Senate seats are ever up for grabs. Scott Brown lost Massachusetts because Massachusetts is a State of Democrats. When Romneycare’s State had buyer’s regret, Brown was elected to stop Obamacare—he failed and he’s fired.

For the media, analysis of the younger generation’s support for Democrats is wrong. In these last three elections, youth did NOT vote for Democrats—they voted for Obama. No Obama on the 2010 ballot, so, the tickets turned Red. The Democrats should not get a big head and Conservatives should not be disheartened.

For me? It means my company will be creating jobs through 1099 contracts rather than conventional employment. That means I’ll have to train business leaders. I’m probably not alone. The numbers are absolute. With Obamacare combined with a non-extension of tax cuts, I have a clear choice: employ five people traditionally or employ ten people through 1099 contracts. If I employ more people now, my company will grow faster and I’ll be able to employ even more people in the future. Though the complex tax code is a headache, I’m not a complainer and I still have a way to help this economy.

For business owners, it means the old traditionalists won’t know how to function. Business can grow with these laws, if they think outside the box. That’s what I have to do. And, maybe, the entrenched institutions, whose time has come, will finally go. New wine requires new wine skins. That’s true of both religion and economics. For younger business owners, the increased tax burdens could be a blessing in disguise. The ingenuity-minded will get ahead. And the young Obama voters, who choose self-employment, will gain the experience needed to understand Conservative tax proposals four years from now.

For the working force, it means that traditional job opportunities will go down. The people earning money will think like entrepreneurs—who just so happen to think like Romney, the businessman who got turned-down. So, that American entrepreneurial spirit wins either way. Maybe it’s best if we become a nation of Romneys—don’t believe the media when it lies about you! If people don’t know how to run a small business, they may get hungry. Those with recent government and union jobs could be unemployed three to five years from now, when every job depends on a vote of Congress, when the next two elections swing Red, and there is no Obama on the ballot to energize the youth.

Internationally speaking, Israel and Taiwan will remain safe. Why do I mention Taiwan? Israel is the only republic standing between America and Islam. Taiwan is the only republic standing between America and China. The two countries are very much alike, even in their size and shape. Military is building up in both regions, more near Taiwan than in Israel’s neck of the woods, actually. Over the last four decades, America’s Seventh Fleet has kept within an arms reach of Taiwan, even through all the Bush dynasty operations in the Mid East. Taiwan is the “silent ally” who won’t remain silent much longer—the free country that China could have been.

If Romney was elected, Islam and China would have three months to move against the two small allies. But, now, there’s no pressure. They’ll relax and the Pentagon can give an assist to the CIA and American military strategery can advance it’s game quietly. The next two years will be important for international security. America’s enemies know a Republican is likely in 2017, when America’s schizophrenic presidential pendulum swings back. In other words, with this election, “no change” is good.

As a business man, rather than an employee, the future looks bright and I’ll be doing my best to help create self-employment jobs for those who want to learn how money works.

Why was this election so hard to predict? The kids. They just don’t follow the old-hat rules of analysis. Parents don’t know how to raise them. Experts don’t know how to predict them. They are the real Change in America. Many parents aren’t happy with the election. So, they should have understood their kids more ten and twenty years ago. We reap what we sow, in politics and family alike. Those who understand kids do well, in any field—business, ministry, politics, education… So, remember: Kids… ya just can’t “beat” ‘em.

For the record, I stand by the pre-analysis of Fred Barnes and Dick Morris. They had better things to say than the main stream about pre-election data. But, their conclusions were wrong. Perhaps, by listening to them, and remembering that the youth vote Obama and not Democrat, we may understand American politics better in the future. Kids always surprise us—and that’s a good thing.

Read my pre-election comments here.

Now… In good humor, there’s a coffee shop with a dessert named “Obama”. Here is the dessert and here’s is me taking a bite of Obama cake.

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