I'm Jesse.

Do you want to syndicate me?

Why would a local newspaper want to syndicate me?

A good weekday column can help local newspapers. Local newspapers help local communities.

As for me, I have been...

  1. Syndicated at China Daily Mail and written "Prelude" and "Cadence" columns every week for over five years.
  2. Podcasting regularly and consistently for over four years.
  3. Writing regular editorials at Pacific Daily Times for four years at the "Symphony" editorial blog, documenting a consistent awareness of politics.
  4. Predicting several events, including most of how the 2017 election would turn out.
  5. Living in Asia for almost a decade to develop my unique perspective.
  6. Widening my perspective and knowledge every day with many projects, including writing a diverse array of books, computer code, marketing, life coaching, and more.

My syndicated column style is based on the 400-word archetype series, Afterthought. These are written the morning after writing the Symphony editorials every Monday. My goal is to be a "unifying gadfly", stir discussion, or at least inspire an opposite opinion. I hope more people will discuss opposing views with new ideas.

To learn more about how to be a syndicate, Contact Jesse.