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Everything’s Bigger in Texas (mp3)

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Texas will always do what Texas does. My great great great great great grandfather, Alfonso, fought for Texas for that very reason. But what’s this really about?

Gun control.

Texas Flag

Frankly, I think there’s too much hubbub about Obama ostensibly claiming executive authority. The creation of czars was far more reaching than what the President is making noise about right now. Most of the White House assault on guns will be in proposed legislation. Obama made it clear, at this point, his executive order will likely remain within bureaucratic-organizational decisions and information flow charts.

From what he said: 1. Obama will make proposals to congress and 2. Obama will do some administration shuffling. Too many Conservative voices are not distinguishing which is which.

Do I agree with the legislation Obama will propose? Of course not. I’m a Republican. But I have no confusion about what he claims will be executive order and what will be legislative. If the Republicans in Congress stay Republican, probably nothing will change. That is where Conservative pundits should be putting their energy: Remind Republicans who they are.

I don’t see why so many people think the President will abuse executive power in this situation. Maybe we’re all just exhausted from quarreling in an already divided nation. Maybe Obama is just blowing smoke to make his base think he’s doing something, but, this time, his theater convinced the Republican voters also. Who knows?

But, let’s say that the Republicans in Congress decide to vote like Democrats. It wouldn’t be the first time. Texas knows that. If any gun laws get passed, it would require Republicans to cave. And the Lone Star State is already planning their worst-case-scenario response: Jail time for Feds enforcing any legislation adopted by RINO-crats.

I don’t agree.

Why would any State, in any conflict with the Federal government want to keep Feds in their jails? That costs money… and the “untouchables” will want their frat buddies back.

No, Texas shouldn’t be proposing jail time. State Sovereignty, yip yap… “time for a showdown.” Okay, whatever. But, if they want to go there, they shouldn’t talk “jail”. Instead, they should propose something less costly and more intimidating to the Feds: If Texas feels threatened, they should strand their enemies, not jail them…

If Feds want to ID gun owners, but not immigrants, and Texas does not approve… confiscate and cut up the Fed ID’s of the Feds. If the Feds want to take the guns of Texans… take the guns of the Feds. If the Feds don’t listen to Texas, take their radios and phones… they shouldn’t miss them, especially since they didn’t listen. And if the Feds bring vehicles to take away Texans or Texans’ stuff, take away those vehicles. Then leave the Feds like they left Texas… all alone, in the desert, defenseless, surrounded by an influx of illegal immigrants.

The desert’s not that bad of a place. Moses met God in the desert. Satan met Jesus in the desert. Maybe the Feds could meet Jesus there also, you know, like Moses and Satan did.

I’m not trying to tell Texans what they should do. Washington may think it’s wise to argue with Texas, but I wouldn’t want to. I’d sooner argue with the army aboard Pelosi One than Chuck Norris’s roundhouse kick.

I’m just saying that, if Texas does anything, that legislation should be much more suitable for Texan prerogatives, which shouldn’t be jail time. Every traveler knows it would be better to be in jail than stranded in Texas. Don’t jail thine enemies, just leave them stranded… maybe even with a sack lunch. If your enemy is hungry, feed him, after all. Yeah, add that to the proposed bill!

Unless Obama changes his mind about what minuscule executive power he intends to use, and unless the Congressional Republicans vote Democrat, none of this will even happen.

But, the Lone Star Republic still wins: Texas is making the bigger headlines. Everything’s bigger in Texas, even the smoke from politicians.

Update 2013/01/17

Here is a strong statement from Texas Governor Rick Perry: http://governor.state.tx.us/news/press-release/18060/

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