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Are you serious?


Anyone can try to contact me via the various social media I list or anywhere else I might be found relating to my many projects online. But, I don’t reply to direct inquiries and much of my mail I just don’t answer because my plate is full of projects. So, I only reply to inquiries that are serious enough to put money on the table.

If you want my special, focused, and positive attention concerning a project or topic other than those I’m already involved in, this is the best way to get it.

First, pay the $1,000 USD via Stripe or a Bank Transfer, use the contact information you wish me to reach you through. Extra information is not required since the payment tells answers my main question: Are you serious?

Second, I will get back to you and we can set up a time to talk on the phone or meet. If you want any consulting or project services, your $1,000 payment will count towards those projects as a kind of “payment in advance”.

This is only “making a connection”. This is no guarantee of any service or results. With your payment, I will certainly contact you. However, any future relationship, association, or cooperation depends on my own discretion.